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Internship in Spain



Do Internship in Spain and Add Global Brilliance to Your Résumé! 

We can offer you an internship in Spain which will help you to get trained or to complete your professional training. Our Internship offer is an exhilarating challenge of real-world experience combined with professional skill building and cultural immersion.All our internships are unpaid. Please consider the cost of living and staying abroad for several months. 


Available Intern Positions:
Administrative/office support
Art gallery, Arts, Music, Performing arts
Environment (animal protection)
Education in NGO and Schools, Special Education,
Electricity, (installation, maintenance), engineering, events, 
Gardening, Handicraft
Hotels and Restaurants
Hotel-tourism, Travel Agencies and Congresses.
Human resources
ICT (Web design, Graphic Design, Engineering, Telecommunications, Technicians, Programmers, Network, Industrial Design, etc.)
Laboratory (water, chemical and microbiological analysis)
Marketing /Advertising/ Communication
Media and Journalism
Social Work

When you have completed an internship, you will have the job experience, the professional skills training, and the confidence to help you and your résumé stand out.
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Inquiry: info@globaleducation.dk


Study in Finland

FinlandStudy and Work in Finland: One-year Residence Permit Extension for Job Seeking After Graduation in Finland

Did you you know that Non-EU students who have stayed in Finland on a student residence permit, can apply for an additional residence permit (from 2015 on wards) after their graduation to search for work. This can be granted as an extended residence permit for up to one year. If you then find employment, you can then of course apply for a new residence permit based on this employment.

The recent change in legislation doubles the maximum permit extension time to a full 12 months from the previous 6 months after graduation. By allowing longer permit extensions, the Finnish government aims to increase the foreign graduates' chances of finding employment in Finland.

Are you dreaming about pursuing studies in Finland? Do not hesitate to see us in our office at Ryesgade 54, 2100 København Ø, DENMARK. You can email us at info@globaleducation.dk.

English-taught study programmes in Europe


Study shows that the number of English-taught bachelor and master programmes – referred to in the study as English-Taught Programmes (ETPs) in non-English-speaking European countries has more than tripled over the last seven years.
The number of English-taught programmes was counted as 725 in 2001, 2,389 in 2007, and according to the present study, 8,089 in 2014. The new data, as well as that from other sources – such as that included in a 2013 ICEF Monitor article – attests to the accelerated introduction and delivery of ETPs across Europe.
Currently, Germany has the largest number of institutions offering such programmes, at 154, followed by France with 113, and Poland at 59. In absolute terms, the Netherlands has the most ETPs with 1,078, followed by Germany with 1,030, and Sweden with 822.
Where are you going next year?

World Best Dental School

open_graphDo you know the name top Dental Schools in the World? According to the QS World University Rankings the best dental school in the world is Swedish Karolinska dental school. Find the top names here-
1. Karolinska Institute
2.University of Hong Kong
3. University of Gothenburg
4. University of Michigan
5. KU Leuven in Belgium
6. Tokyo Medical and Dental University
7. King's College London
8. University of Otago, New Zealand

 Other Nordic universities that made the top 50 list of dental schools are- 11.Danish University of Copenhagen
21. Malmö University, Sweden
23. Aarhus University in Denmark
27. University of Helsinki
47. University of Oulu, Finland .

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