The application process to colleges and universities abroad can be overwhelming and confusing, but no worries as we are here to assist you and our team will be guide you through every step of the application process up to visa application.


*The full extent of the required documents depends on the university and/or the degree you are applying for.
The following documents must be also attached to your application:

  • Copy of secondary school certificate and transcripts (for bachelor’s studies) or bachelor’s certificate and transcripts (master’s studies). Please send as pdf file.
  • Transcript of Records, with grading scale in English if the scale is not indicated in the transcript.
  • Copy of your passport
  • International Language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, etc)
  • Personal Statement
  • Details CV
  • Reference letter (where necessary)


Please read the information carefully and remember to follow every steps. This is how you start your new exciting study journey abroad.

1. Learn about admission requirements for undergraduate and graduate degrees.
2. Choose a country, university and your preferred degree you would like to study
3. Send your education assessment application (link.…)
4. Pay the service fee of 100€*
5. Attach the required documents
6. Check your email to receive feedback and guidance for the next steps.

As soon as you send your application, you will here from us in 2-3 working days